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Paediatric Nursing Paper

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How 'Child Friendly' are you?

The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative is developing tools to help you answer this question, as Andrew Clarke and Sue Nicholson explain:

"Although progress has been made in the surgical and medical management of many childhood conditions,particularly in those countries with better resources,this has not always been accompanied by a similar consideration for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the child and family. This lack of attention often results in unnecessary pain,anxiety and suffering.The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI)is a two-year pilot project with a multi-agency base which seeks to promote child and family-friendly standards,establish a straight forward and universal assessment tool to guide practice development,and improve the care received by children and their families,wherever possible within the bounds of existing resources.The International Grants Section of the National Lotteries Charities Board is funding the implementing agency, Child Advocacy International."