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Mulago Hospital Complex

Mulaga hospital is the main hospital in Uganda. It is both a tertiary referral centre and a teaching hospital, closely allied to Makere University. Patients from all over Uganda are admitted to the wards and use the resources. Approximately 7000 patients are admitted each month with an average stay of 15 days. Paediatric admissions are approximately 2000 per month with a 9% mortality rate.

Mulago hospital has chosen to address all or aspects of the following Standards:

Standard 3 - The health facility environment is secure, safe and hygienically clean.

Standard 5 - Children and their parents/carers are kept consistently and fully informed and involved in all decisions affecting their care.

Standard 8 - When children are severely ill, undergoing surgery, or have been given systemic analgesia and/or sedation, trained health workers and the necessary resources are available to provide appropriate critical and emergency care

Standard 9 - Children attending a health facility are able to play and learn.

Standard 11 - The health of children or pregnant women is monitored and promoted.

More information on Uganda will follow shortly.