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Children's Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences- PIMS is based in the heart of the capital city, Islamabad. The 250 bed Children's Hospital within PIMS serves as a primary, secondary and tertiary referral center. It is equipped with most of the modern paediatric health care facilities and is also a center of excellence for multiple academic activities which include post-graduate training programs for health workers and National and International Research Projects.

This hospital is hoping to make further improvements within the following Standards:

Standard 5 - Children and their parents/carers are kept consistently and fully informed and involved in all decisions affecting their care.

Standard 8 - When children are severely ill, undergoing surgery, or have been given systemic analgesia and/or sedation, trained health workers and the necessary resources are available to provide appropriate critical and emergency care.

Standard 11 - The health of children or pregnant women is monitored and promoted.

Standard 9 -Children attending a health facility are able to play and learn (part of).

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