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About CFHI


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Guiding Principles for the CFHI Standards and Supporting Criteria

They should:

  1. Be 'Rights' based.

  2. Be evidence based whenever possible.

  3. Respect existing state legislation.

  4. Be compatible with a countries health care visions and resources where at all possible.

  5. Co-ordinate with and/or harness any existing internal or external governmental or non-governmental efforts.

  6. Be acceptable to the religious and ethnic wishes of the community.

  7. Be in a language, and at a level of understanding, appropriate to the recipients.

  8. Be developed and owned jointly in each health care facility by the CFHI project members, health care workers, children and their parents/carers and families.

  9. Be readily and equally available to all involved.

  10. Link to the education of all existing types of health care workers, especially those in training.

  11. Define child friendly healthcare and if possible identify minimum standards.

  12. Be introduced by nominated "key workers" (co-ordinators) identified by the health facility within a framework of individual responsibility and accountability and with support as necessary by the project/programme team.

  13. Eventually be sustainable.

  14. Aid optimal care and care delivery, good communication at all levels and the protection of children, at same time as aiding the avoidance of unnecessary fear, suffering and anxiety.

  15. Promote advocacy for children at an appropriate level.

Read about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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