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Introducing CFHI

About the CFHI

The CFHI is a health care project concerned with the physical, psychological and emotional needs of children and their families. While there have been improvements in some clinical treatments, a visit to hospital or clinic is still a frightening and traumatic experience for many children and their families across the world.

The Initiative is using the mandate of the 'United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child' - UNCRC to define Child Friendly Healthcare by promoting 12 'Standards' , each with several supporting components (criteria), that encompass all aspects of health care provision for children. These 'Standards' are for health care providers, organizations and/or individuals, who have a duty to ensure that they are part of every health care contact with a pregnant woman, or child and family. These 'Standards' are globally applicable and apply whether the health care contact takes place in the home, community, an out-patient health facility, or in a residential health facility such as a hospital.

The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative focuses on:

  • Reducing fear, anxiety and suffering in children and families
  • Improving their overall experience of health care
  • Improving mortality and morbidity
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This project is advised and directed by a Steering Committee that includes individuals and representatives of the various organizations supporting the Initiative. The membership were co-authors of an original consultation paper, the 'Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative', published in the November 2000 issue of Pediatrics (this can be downloaded from this site on the Publications page).

A framework for the promotion, assessment, support and acknowledgment of Child Friendly Healthcare is currently being developed and piloted by the International Aid Agency, CAI - Child Advocacy International, with the support of health facilities in 4 countries.

The two year pilot project funded mainly by the International Charities Section of the former National Lotteries Board UK, commenced on August 1st 2000. It is working in pilot site hospitals in an advantaged (industrialized and well resourced) country, the UK, and in three disadvantaged (poorly resourced, 'developing') countries, Kosova, Pakistan and Uganda.

The project recognizes that health workers everywhere usually want to provide the best possible care for children and families. However, they often face many problems, do not feel empowered to make changes, and do not know where or how to begin to address their situation. The CFHI is trying to develop ideas and approaches that could help to solve these difficulties.

Pilot Objectives

  • Define Child Friendly Healthcare using the Standards and supporting criteria (consulting widely)
  • Promote Child Friendly Healthcare
  • Assess Child Friendly Healthcare (through self / external assessment)
  • Support and facilitate Child Friendly Healthcare
  • Acknowledge progress made towards Child Friendly Healthcare and best practice
  • Share ideas and problem solving approaches
  • Advocacy and evaluation where indicated

Index of Documents- Draft 14

DEFINING CFH using 'Standards' derived from the UNCRC for children's healthcare providers
Introduction to the CFHI: draft 19
2. The CFHI Standards: draft 28 (shortened and detailed versions)
3. Discussion paper - 'Why Standards', including guiding principles for Standards*: draft 1
Individual Standards and Supporting Criteria: draft 6
+ (Document 22 - Definitions)

ASSESSING CFH using a three stage process
5. Guidance to Selecting Standard/s for accreditation assessment and/or progress work: draft 7
6. Framework/Structure for introducing the CFHI: draft 13
CFHI Local Coordinator: LC: draft 9
UK based CFHI/CAI Link Professional: LP: draft 7
Initial Collaborative Site Visit: draft 14
Assessment/accreditation Tools - Discussion paper: draft 11
The role of Parents and Children in the CFHI assessment/accreditation process: draft 8
The role of Health Workers* in the CFHI assessment/accreditation process: draft 1
Assessment Tool 1: draft ?
Assessment Tool 2: An example for an individual Standard

The CFHI Implementation Plan: draft 9
Implementation Activity Support (IPAS): draft 13
IPA Educational Materials - discussion paper: draft 6
IPA Training Modules and Information Sheets: draft 5
IPA Material Resources: draft 5
IPA Advocacy*
CFHI Accreditation/Progress Visit*
Definitions - terminology used in CFHI documents: draft 10 - DEFINING CFH
Reference list of books, documents and research papers*

26. Acknowledgment/accreditation of Child Friendly Healthcare*

+ Documents 23 - Fliers, and 24 - Abstracts


The Child Friendly Initiative (CFHI): Healthcare Provision in Accordance With the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Pediatrics Vol. 106, No. 5, pp. 1054-1064
How 'Child Friendly' are you? Paediatric Nursing, Vol. 13, No. 5, p 12-15
Feature in The Health Exchange, Child-friendly partnerships sought, December 2000, p 18


Geneva, Switzerland - WHO: Child and Adolescent Department. 2000
Florence, Italy - International Lions Club, May 2001
Islamabad, Pakistan - 10th National Annual Paediatric Conference: Pakistan 2001
Harrogate, UK - RCN: UK Annual Congress: 2001
Manchester, UK - Joint International Paediatric Nursing Conference: 2001
Pretoria, South Africa - Improving Paediatric Care in Mpumpulalanga Province, S Africa: March 2001
Bejing, China - International Paediatric Association Meeting: 2001
South Africa - WHO workshop: Improving the Quality of Care in Developing Countries: Nov 2001
Brussels, Belgium: EACH Meeting: December 2001
Rangoon, Myanmar: Jan 2002


'New Project Objectives'
Steering Committee - Terms of Reference
Web site - Criteria for publishing CFHI material
Key People List: draft 2
CFH Consent to publish
CFH Consent to photography
CFH Consent to interview (HWs and/or parents/carers and children) draft 2
Communication Matrix for pilot project
Index of implementation support materials for Uganda
Index of implementation support materials for Kosova

REPORTS (only available to Health Workers in the pilot site concerned, steering committee members, organisations supporting the initiative: centrally and in-country, and the countries Ministry of Health)

UGANDA - Children's Department, Mulago Hospital Complex, Kampala, Uganda
Initial Collaborative Report
Report on Acute Care Unit - re: Standard 8 and 5
Report on Special Care Baby Unit - re: Standard 3 HAI
Report On Nutrition Unit - re: Standards 4, 9, 11
Report on Ward 16 - re: Standards 5 + 11
Implementation plan - SCBU
Implementation plan - Ward 16
Implementation plan - Nutrition Unit
Implementation plan - Acute Care Unit

Initial Collaborative Report
Report re: Standard 8 + 4 (environment)
Implementation Plan

Draft Initial Collaborative report*

*Not yet available or incomplete